Lifestyle & Fashion · April 1, 2024

How to Claim Your Instant Game Win Ohio Lottery Prize

Ohio Lottery is a state-run lottery that raises billions each year for Ohio education programs while offering instant games and online gaming services to Ohioans. Ohioans purchased record $1.5 billion worth of instant games during fiscal year 2015. Scientific Games Corporation from Las Vegas won a two-year contract to supply instant games to the Ohio Lottery; with four two-year extension options provided through an extended agreement ensuring full suite of products, marketing, licensed brands, interactive services as part of this package.

Ohio Lottery also offers instant and draw games online to enhance its selection. All these games rely on chance; any player from anywhere can participate; but always play responsibly by consulting the FAQs of each game to learn about its rules and requirements before beginning play.

If you have won an instant game win Ohio lottery, it is essential that you know how to claim it. The process is straightforward – all it requires is taking your winning ticket into person to a lottery retailer where it will be submitted along with signed copies of both sides of File Claim Tickets; for winnings exceeding $5,000 also provide completed W-2G forms and affirm that you are not in arrears with child or spousal support orders.

Ohio’s Powerball lottery offers you a chance at a top prize worth $162 Million! A ticket costs $2 and adding Power Play multiplies winnings two, three, four, five or ten times!

Ohio Mega Millions is another multi-state lottery game offering an exciting $150 million jackpot prize, drawing every Tuesday and Friday. To claim this grand prize, players must match five numbers between one to 70 from their pool of one-70 and the Mega Ball number from 1-25 drawn randomly; tickets cost $2; adding Megaplier increases your chances even further!

Ohio Lottery tickets offer a fun way to spend your money, so it is wise to purchase them from a reputable and regulated retailer – the Ohio Lottery website has a list of approved retailers – or you can download the Ohio Lottery mobile app which allows you to cash your tickets and view rewards – it can be found both on Apple Store and Google Play.